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Information Technology

C# Programming

Start: TBA       Type: Online / In-class; Evening & Weekends       Duration (hr): 60


Developers/students will learn how to develop within the C# .NET Development Environment and compose sound C# .NET syntax. The students will develop an understanding of object-oriented design concepts and within a project,will be poised to take control of any C# code and manipulate objects at design-time and at run-time. The student willbe able to deftly administer project properties and work with the base classes within the .NET Framework. The students will have a foundational understanding of data access and Microsoft’s data access paradigm – ADO.NET. The students will learn XML, SOAP, Web Services development and how to use .NET Enterprise Services.
Upon completing this course students will have skills in:
Using the MS Visual Studio .NET as an editor for creating business applications;
Using the C# programming language for developing business software.
Using ADO.NET to access data.
Building Windows Forms, Windows Services and Web Services.
Upon completing this course students will have skills in performing duties of Software developers in any IT department.
The following topics will be covered:

1.      .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET
2.      C# Language Fundamentals
3.      Object-Oriented Programming
4.      Classes and Objects
5.      Error Handling and Debugging
6.      Arrays, Indexers, and Collections
7.      Using the System Namespace
8.      Review and Midterm
9.      Data Access
10. Reflections and Attributes
11. Windows Applications
12. XML and Web Services in .NET
13. Compiling and Distributing a .NET Application


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