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Information Technology

CompTIA Network+ with Certification Preparation

Start: TBA       Type: Online / In-class; Evening & Weekends       Duration (hr): 50


This course teaches networking skills and concepts. Students will learn and describe all the major networking technologies, systems, skills, and tools in use in modern networks. This course prepares for CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) certification.
1. Network architecture
• Functions and applications of network devices
• Using of networking services and applications
• Installation and configuration the networking services/applications
• WAN technologies
• Cable types and connectors
• Common network topologies
• Network infrastructure implementations
• Addressing schema
• Basics of routing concepts and protocols
• Basics elements of unified communication technologies
• Technologies that support cloud and virtualization
• Requirements, implementation a basic network
2. Network operations
• Monitoring tools
• Metrics and reports from monitoring and tracking performance tools
• Supporting configuration management
• Implementing network segmentation
• Installation and application patches and updates
• Configuration a switch using proper features
• Installation and configuration wireless LAN infrastructure and implementation technologies in support of wireless • capable devices
3. Network security
• Risk related concepts
• Common network vulnerabilities and threats
• Network hardening techniques
• Physical security controls
• Installation and configuration a basic firewall
• Network access control models
• Basic forensic concepts
4. Troubleshooting
• Network troubleshooting methodology
• Output of troubleshooting tools
• Troubleshooting and resolving common wireless issues
• Troubleshooting and resolving common copper cable issues
• Troubleshooting and resolving common fiber cable issues
• Troubleshooting and resolving common network issues
• Troubleshooting and resolving common security issues
• Troubleshooting and resolving common WAN issues
5. Industry standards, practices, and network theory
• Corresponding OSI layer
• Basics of network theory and concepts
• Wireless standard
• Wired connectivity standard
• Policies and procedures
• Safety practices
• Installation and configuration equipment in the appropriate location using best practices
• Basics of change management procedures
• Ports and protocols
Computer support (CompTIA A+) knowledge


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