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JIRA Essentials

Start: TBA       Type: Evening / Weekend Classes       Duration (hr): 6


This short module provides introduction to JIRA, the project and collaboration software from Atlassian. It is appropriate for specialists engaged in any project work. Students will learn basic concepts of JIRA, working with issues, searching and reporting, customizing the dashboard.
Introduction to JIRA
Basic concepts of JIRA: issue, project, workflow
Getting started: logging into JIRA, Exploring the JIRA Workspace, Keyboard Shortcuts
Managing User Profile, Choosing a Language, Changing your Password

Working with Issues
Creating an Issue
Setting Security on an Issue
Attaching a Screenshot to an Issue
Editing rich-text fields
Logging Work on an Issue
Scheduling an Issue
Creating a Sub-Task
Watching and Voting on an Issue
Commenting on an Issue
Linking Issues
Moving an Issue
Cloning an Issue
Searching and Reporting
Using Quick Search
Using the Issue Navigator
Saving Searches ("Issue Filters")
Receiving Search Results via Email
Search Query Syntax
Generating Reports
Customizing the Dashboard
Adding Portlets and Pages to your Dashboard

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