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Information Technology

Oracle Database Administration

Start: TBA       Type: Online / In-class; Evening & Weekends       Duration (hr): 120



This course will introduce power of the Oracle architecture to build and configure databases, control user activity, monitor and optimize database storage, manage large objects and protect database using variety of backup strategies.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Guide students to learn how to
  • Create, maintain and support Oracle databases.
  • Maximize the use of memory & performance utilizing the Oracle architecture.
  • Configure database storage for easy of management and efficient space usage.
  • Manage user activity by specifying privileges and roles
  • Implement Oracle partitions to manage large tables and indexes.
  • Deploy appropriate backup and recovery procedure to safeguard the database.
HANDS-ON TRAINING: The expert instructors guide students through practical hands-on exercises that reinforce there Oracle database administering skills. Exercises included;
  • Creating, starting up and shutting down databases
  • Managing tablespaces with different block sizes
  • Configuring rollback segments and undo tablespaces
  • Partitioning tables and indexes
  • Backing up and restoring Oracle databases
  • Recovering from disk and machine failure
  • Optimizing space usage
  • Resuming failed operations
  • Performing flashback queries
  • Redefining and reorganizing objects online
  • Creating user accounts with appropriate privileges and resources



Database management fundamentals
Relational database management system
The Oracle Database Architecture
Building An Oracle Database
Oracle concept
Managing Control Files
Managing the Online Redo Log
Managing Tablespaces & Data files
Storage Structure and Relationships
Managing UNDO segments
Managing data segments
Managing Indexes & data integrity
Managing users
Managing privileges
Managing roles
Managing Password Security and Resources
Loading Data
Logical Database Backup
Oracle backup & recovery configuration
Cold database backup and recovery
Hot database backup and recovery
Recovery scenarios
Basic Tuning Techniques


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