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Information Technology

SQL Server Database Fundamentals

Start: TBA       Type: Online / In-class; Evening & Weekends       Duration (hr): 30


This course is the first step in learning Relational Databases and SQL. It is appropriates for IT specialists and students without previous IT experience. This course provides knowledge in Database Fundamentals (98-364), including: understanding relational database, creating database objects, manipulating data, data storage. Student will learn Querying Microsoft SQL Server (70-461), including: creating database objects using T-SQL syntax, working with data (SELECT statements, sub-queries, data types), modifying data (simple statements), troubleshooting and optimization.
Core database concepts 
How data is stored in tables
Relational database concepts
Data manipulation language (DML)
Data definition language (DDL)
Creating database objects
Choose data types
Understanding tables and how to create them
Creating views
Stored procedures and functions (select, insert, update, or delete data)
Manipulate data
Select data
Insert data
Update data
Delete data
Understand data storage
Primary, foreign, and composite keys
Administer a database
Database security concepts
Database backups and restore
Create database objects
Create and alter tables using T-SQL syntax (simple statements)
Create and alter views (simple statements)
Design views
Create and modify constraints (simple statements)
Create and alter DML triggers
Work with data
Query data by using SELECT statements
Data types
Queries aggregation
Query and managing XML data
Modify data
Create and alter stored procedures (simple statements: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)
Combine datasets (UNION and UNION all, MERGE)
Work with functions
Troubleshoot and optimize
Optimize queries (statistics; reading query plans; plan guides; DMVs; hints; statistics IO; dynamic vs. parameterized queries; join types HASH, MERGE, LOOP)
Managing transactions basics
Row-based operations vs. set-based operations
Error handling
Computer user skills

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