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Trading Fundamentals with Series 57

Start: TBA       Type: Evening / Weekend Classes       Duration (hr): 150


This course introduces students to basic concepts and methods employed by prop traders.  Students will learn the fundamentals of Economics and Financial Markets. Financial instruments, especially stocks, will be analyzed in great level of detail including various methods for trade selection discussed in class and drilled down individually by students during their homework.  Major market indicators, trading strategies and psychological aspects will be discussed to familiarize students with problems and issues experienced by day trading and prop trading community.  Classes towards the end of the program will be focused on preparation for the Series 57 Exam. This training is also available remotely.
Upon completing this course and to demonstrate competency in this course, the students will be able to:
- Understand the basic concepts of the financial  markets and related participants
- Use the terminology utilized by Wall Street to describe related concepts 
- Employ their knowledge of financial products in their work and personal life
- Apply knowledge to identify trades and initiate orders 
- Apply psychological and money management techniques to maximize results
- Understand questions on the Series 57 exam and choose correct answers 
Upon completing this course students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to apply for a Prop Trader role in the financial industry.  Students may expect to leverage new knowledge and additional certification for a career advancement at their current job. Upon completion students will know how to: Identify the target stock, Monitor stock performance and fundamentals, Place trading Order to Buy/Sell assets, Analyze their performance from the Profit/Loss perspective.
One year of relevant industry experience or Associate Degree preferably in Finance and related majors

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