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Oracle Forms / Reports Developer

Start: TBA       Type: Online / In-class; Evening & Weekends       Duration (hr): 64


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course cover the Form/Report Builder tool which allows developing
sophisticated applications which can be deployed in either a Client/Server of web environment.
Course considered include use of the wizards, building master-detail data blocks, including GUI
controls, customized menu bars and many other subjects.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: Guide students to learn how to
Build Oracle Forms/Reports by using Oracle Forms/Report 9i toolkit.
Working in a graphical user interface environment include three tear methodology              
Customize forms with user input items groups.
Modify data access by creating event-related triggers.
Build a variety of standard and custom reports
Retrieve, display, and format data in specific styles such as tabular, matrix, mailing labels, and letter reports.
HANDS-ON TRAINING: The expert instructors guide students through practical hands-on exercises that reinforce
their Oracle developer skills. Exercises included;
-     Create and modify Oracle forms, reports
-     Create multi-form applications
-     Able to develop complex Oracle Forms and will use Project Builder to manage multiple Transactions.
-     Include custom menus, reports, and charts in a form.



Introduction To Oracle Development Tools
Layout Editor
Blocks Customization Process
Record Group, LOV’s And Text Editors
Forms Triggers, Subprograms, Variables
Canvas - Views, Windows
Multi-Form Application
Menu Module
Images, Hierarchical Tree, OLE Container
Debugger, Compiler, Runtime
Introduction Of Oracle Reports 6i
Data Model
Layout Objects
Parameter Form. System Parameter
Using Triggers In Reports


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