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What is Business Analysis?

“Business analysis is a professional discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a software-systems development component, but may also consist of process improvements, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development”. (Wikipedia)

With our course, you can become a Business Analyst in just a few months.

Who should pursue a career in Business Analysis?

Individuals who have strong analytical skills
You are likely to approach problems logically and STEM classes were your favorite in school.

College graduates

You would most likely need to have your college degree completed or nearing graduation. To enter this field most majors are acceptable. Any technology or business background is preferred, but not strictly required.
People with strong communication skills

The ability to communicate effectively with project stakeholders to gather business requirements is an important part of a business analyst's responsibilities.

Motivated individuals
Having motivation is the key to advancing, changing or starting a career.

Why pursue a career in Business Analysis?

Growing demand in Business Analysts

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of jobs will increase by 9%-23% by 2031 (the relevant occupations are Computer Systems Analyst, Operations Research Analysts, etc.) which is higher than 7.7%, the average across all occupations.

Various educational backgrounds are welcome

Of course, having a relevant education is always a plus, but because of the high demand many companies are willing to hire individuals who can demonstrate business analysis as well as some data analytics skills.

Business Analyst profession can be a good fit for technical and non-technical people

There is a range of BA positions available in the market that can fit individuals with strong technical skills and IT-experience as well people with non-IT backgrounds are more focused on communication, requirements gathering and documentation writing.


Opportunity to switch careers across industries

Business Analysts work in different industries such as finance, healthcare, telecommunications, etc. Of course knowledge of a particular industry is an advantage; however, professionals with  BA experience can switch to relevant positions not only within one industry, but they can also utilize their skills in other fields as well.

Business Analyst jobs are well-paid

According to, the majority of Business Analyst annual salaries range between $69,969 (25th percentile) to $106,047 (75th percentile) with an average $84,359 in New York. The salary is increased “based on skill level, location and years of experience”.

Business Analysts can work in a hybrid mode providing more flexibility

Many tech jobs can be performed remotely, here a considerable number of Business Analyst jobs are hybrid or fully remote, which offers flexibility and saves time otherwise spent in transit.

Why take our Business Analysis course?

This is an all-inclusive package course - to start your Business Analyst career

Our course package includes all the functional and technical elements you need to start your career as a Business Analyst. This package course gives students the necessary versatility to cover the job requirements allowing them to get better feedback from the recruiters and potential employers.

The course focuses on practical Business Analysis skills

The main objective of the course is to learn and practice BA skills - to perform analysis and write documentations in the context of projects related to the industry. This feature gives students the confidence to demonstrate their value to future employers during the hiring process, allowing them to effectively transition into the BA role.

The training provides technical skills

This course provides data analysis and data visualization skills that make a Business Analyst candidate more capable working with data. This technical knowledge in analytics can significantly enhance career prospects in the long run.

We teach SQL Databases software
This course makes an emphasis on learning SQL Databases used across industries to store big amounts of data. It is not only critical for Business Analysts to demonstrate SQL skills to employers, but it also helps candidates expand their career opportunities in the IT field.


The course provides BA and Scrum Certifications preparation
During the course, students will review ECBA/CCBA/CBAP certification exams and follow the IIBA book to prepare for the test. The instructor will provide insights for optimal test taking strategies. Having industry certification makes candidates more desirable in the job market. Additionally, this course preparers you for the Scrum certification exam.


Affordable real-time instructor-led course

Our instructor-led Business Analysis course is reasonably priced in comparison to the similar courses in the market, which gives an opportunity to many people. Our instructors will guide you through the learning process giving you motivation and confidence in your career transition journey.

Instructors are highly experienced professionals working in New York

Our live Business Analysis course is being taught by highly experienced instructors working in New York industries, giving students an opportunity to get hands-on training at the very center of global businesses. This allows students to build expertise relevant to their future employment in major international companies.

We have been conducting business Analysis processing courses since 2006

Our long-lasting experience in business analysis training ensures our students' success, helping hundreds of people to launch their careers in a variety of industries, including IT, financial, telecommunication, media, healthcare and others.

Approved by the New York State Education Department

Our school is licensed, and the Business Analysis training is approved by the New York State Education Department. This ensures the protocols to protect the rights of our clients, giving them a peace of mind and reducing financial risks.

Only few months to learn the Business Analyst profession

Our course curriculum is designed to teach only important Business Analyst work topics without unnecessary “detours''. Depending on the schedule this enables students to launch their career in a short period of time. This time frame sets a realistic and achievable employment plan without spending additional years in college.

Weekday evening and weekend sessions

The course schedule includes only weekday evenings and weekends, which allows one to work full-time and attend the training without quitting the current job and losing income. This flexible schedule takes the pressure off – you can learn a new profession and still attend to other life commitments.

Business Analysis Course Structure

To provide effective and up-to-date training we do three things: we analyze the current market requirements, we consult with our pool of subject matter experts, and we rely on feedback from our students.

The Business Analysis course has two main components:

  • The Functional part provides knowledge for Functional Business Analyst

  • The Technical part teaches how to manipulate and analyze data, as well as create reports that, in combination with the functional part, allows candidates to become a Technical Business Analyst


Business Analysis

In this core module students will learn to perform the functions of business analyst within the project life cycle. 


Students will practice creating essential Business Analysis documentation including BRD, FRD, UAT, GUI,  workflow and diagrams using Microsoft Visio.

Agile & Scrum

Learn how to effectively work in a team and create awesome software. This module focuses on the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Scrum certification preparation.

Software QA

This is to ensure the quality and the best user experience for all end-users. This module teaches Software Quality Assurance techniques and methodologies.


This Effective Communication Workshop helps future BAs to master their communication skills as well as conduct meetings and presentations in the project setting.

Project Basics

This is Project Management fundamental elements adjusted to the Business Analysis; the students will also practice working with Microsoft Project.


We will introduce students to JIRA (Atlassian), one of the collaboration and bug-tracking tools widely used in the industry.

Certification Prep

In this module, students will review the IIBA book under the instructor’s guidance and prepare for the ECBA/CCBA/CBAP exams.


Statistics Basics

This review ensures the necessary level of familiarity with basic statistical terminology and concepts for creating business reports.

Advanced Excel

In this module, we go over the most popular techniques such as formulas, pivot tables, different types of visualizations, and data analysis tools.

SQL Databases

This module teaches how to work with relational databases, more specifically how to extract and manipulate data using queries.


Tableau is one of the most popular data visualization tools in the market allowing flexibility in building dashboards, calculations, and advanced data visualization techniques.

Duration: 16 weeks

The number of weeks depends on holidays and the schedule.

Start: February 2024

Please contact us for start dates. All start dates will be confirmed in advance.


Tuesday 7PM-9:30PM
Wednesday 7PM-9:30PM
Thursday 7PM-9:30PM
Sunday 10AM-3:30PM
Eastern Standard Time

Training Type: Remote

This is a remote instructor-led training.


  $ 2,550  

Payment plan: We offer three installments payment plan. First payment of $1,000 (registration), second payment of $1,000 (30 days after the start), $550 (60 days after the start). We have flexible refund policy. Please call for details.

Tuition Assistance: You may be eligible for a training grant. Please visit our Tuition Assistance page for more information or contact us.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to request the course details, have any questions about the course, need a free career advice, or find out your eligibility for tuition assistance.

Career Coaching: Let's get you hired

While career coaching services are optional and not included in the course price, we see great success and quicker results for students who work with our career coach. This highly experienced individual can help you get through the job search process to land your first job. The range of services can include one-on-one sessions on resume, LinkedIn, interview preparation, interview analysis, and job offer negotiations. Group projects can be included in resumes. All career coaching services are tailored to individual career needs, which makes the job search process less stressful and time-efficient.

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