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Quality Assurance Analyst COURSE

What is QA?

“Quality Assurance is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers” (Wikipedia)

The same goes for any app installed on your laptop or phone. QA Analysts check for any bugs and errors in the software, so an end-user can enjoy flawlessly functioning programs. 

With our course you can become a Software QA Analyst in just four months.

Who should pursue QA career?

Individuals who have strong analytical skills

You are likely to approach problems logically and STEM classes were your favorite in school.


People who are computer user savvy
If something stops working on your computer, you can google it and find a way to fix it independently without asking your computer geek friend.


Motivated individuals
Having motivation is the key to advancing, changing or starting a career.

Why pursue a career in QA?

One of the easiest ways to start career in the tech industry
Starting a new career is a challenging and stressful process. For some the transition can take years; however, a QA course usually takes 6-8 months.

Education in Computer Science is a plus, but not required
Of course having a relevant education is always a plus, but for hiring companies it is more important to demonstrate practical QA knowledge and skills. 

QA jobs are well-paid
According to, the majority of QA Analyst salaries range between $56,850 (25th percentile) to $97,847 (75th percentile) with an average $72,794 in New York.


QA Analysts can work remotely providing more flexibility 
A new trend for many IT employees is to be partly or fully remote. Some companies, such as Google, announced in 2021 that some employees can work in the office for three days per week, while Facebook made some of the jobs remote permanently.

A career in the most dynamic industry
Tech jobs were the least impacted category in 2020, moreover, with the increasing role of Information Technology it has demonstrated further industry growth, meaning it’s a good place to start your career.

Opportunity to switch careers within the IT industry
While QA Analysts are responsible for finding bugs and errors in the software, other people are creating this software or managing the process. Some of them are more technical, such as software developers, or less technical such as business analysts, project managers, or scrum masters. Later on depending on your skills and preferences, each role can potentially be an alternative career for you. 

Why take our QA course?

This is a package course – an all inclusive to start a QA career
Our QA course package includes all the elements you need to start your career in the IT industry, giving you the confidence to demonstrate your value to your future employer during the hiring process.

Instructors are highly experienced IT professionals working in New York
Our live QA courses are being taught by highly experienced instructors working full-time in the tech industry mainly in the New York metropolitan area, giving students an opportunity to get hands-on training at a very center of global businesses. This allows students to build expertise relevant to their future employment environment in the global big tech and financial companies.

We have been conducting QA training since 1999
We have been conducting our QA training for more than 20 years, our long-lasting experience in QA training ensures our students' success, helping hundreds of people to launch their careers in Information Technology.

Approved by the New York State Education Department
Our school is licensed and the QA training is approved by the New York State Education Department, which ensures the protocols to protect the rights of our clients, giving them a peace of mind and reducing financial risks.


Only 13 weeks to learn the QA profession
Our course curriculum is designed to teach only important QA work topics without unnecessary “detours” which allow students to be ready to start their career in only about 13 weeks. This time-frame sets a realistic and achievable employment plan without spending additional years in college.


Weekday evenings and weekend sessions
The course schedule includes only weekday evenings and weekends, which allows to work full-time and attend the training without quitting the current job and losing income. This flexible schedule takes the pressure off – you can learn a new profession and still attend to other life commitments.

QA Software Testing Course Structure

To provide effective and up-to-date training we do three things: we analyze the current market requirements, we consult with our pool of subject matter experts, and we rely on feedback from our students.

Manual Testing

This module teaches methods and terminology, as well as how to perform manual testing, helping students to form systematic QA knowledge and pass any screening interviews.


Before learning automation, we teach elements of programming so you can run scripts in Selenium. Don’t worry, this module is created for people with no previous experience. 


This is the fun part - once you learn how to write scripts let’s practice automation with Selenium. This is an extremely valuable skill in the market.

Mobile Testing

This module introduces students to manual mobile testing. It’s a good idea to know how to test on different platforms including mobile. 

Agile & Scrum

Learn how to effectively work in a team and create awesome software. This module focuses on the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), JIRA, and Scrum certification preparation.


You will learn how to write SQL statements and extract the data you need. Database knowledge will help you to verify the test data and complete your personal "all-around" skill set.

Unix Intro

There are different operating systems, so let's get familiar with Unix/Linux and learn basic commands, so you can test things right.

Job Prep

This workshop provides a road map for job-searching strategies, resume tips, and interview questions. We help with resume editing and formulating the right personal career strategy.

Duration: 13 weeks

The number of weeks depends on holidays and the schedule.

Start: October 2023

Please contact us for start dates. All start dates will be confirmed in advance.


Tuesday 7PM-9:30PM
Wednesday 7PM-9:30PM
Thursday 7PM-9:30PM
Sunday 10AM-3:30PM
Eastern Standard Time

Training Type: Remote

This is a remote instructor-led training.


  $ 2,550  

Payment plan: We offer three installments payment plan. First payment of $1,000 (registration), second payment of $1,000 (30 days after the start), $550 (60 days after the start). We have flexible refund policy. Please call for details.

Tuition Assistance: You may be eligible for a training grant. Please visit our Tuition Assistance page for more information or contact us.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to request the course details, have any questions about the course, need a free career advice, or find out your eligibility for tuition assistance.

Career Coaching: Let's get you hired

While career coaching services are optional and not included in the course price, we see great success and quicker results for students who work with our career coach. This highly experienced individual can help you get through the job search process to land your first job. The range of services can include one-on-one sessions on resume, LinkedIn, interview preparation, interview analysis, and job offer negotiations. Group projects can be included in resumes. All career coaching services are tailored to individual career needs, which makes the job search process less stressful and time-efficient.

Where Our Students Work
Our Success Stories

Victor, QA Analyst

"I came to SAM in October of 2018 and had no idea what Quality Assurance was. After 5 months in the Quality Assurance program I landed a job offer. Everyone at SAM was amazing, all of my teachers had extensive industry knowledge. They even offer labs and extra tutoring on any subject you need extra help with. If you want to pursue a career in IT I highly recommend checking out SAM Career Center."


Igor, QA Lead

"I took the "Quality Assurance Comprehensive Course" in SAM Career Center. During the course I got a really good understanding of manual and automated software testing concepts and how to test software in a proper way. Unix and SQL classes were part of the course. These knowledge were very helpful during the interview and work itself. It has been a few years now since I finished this course. Now I am working as a QA Automation Lead in a software company. I want to thank everyone in SAM Career Center for making my career change."

Regina, Sr. QA Analyst

"I can highly recommend this school in general and BA/QA courses in particular. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and have lots of hands-on experience. The courses are very comprehensive and prepare the students for the professional future in the most excellent way."

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