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Corporate Services

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Corporate Training


SAM Consulting Services, Inc. is a New York-based IT training provider established in 1993. We offer standard and customized tech training for any industry. Remote and on-site. We help identify the best solutions for your company and provide valuable skills and tools that meet market demands. We offer training, as well as temporary consultant-instructors, to assist your employees with specific questions.

  • Software Quality Assurance

  • Data Analysis

  • Business Analysis

  • Business Intelligence

  • Project Management

Please send your corporate training request at or 718-648-3997

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Recruiting Staffing Solutions


SAM Consulting Services, Inc. provides direct-hire and consulting IT professionals for a variety of industries and corporations of all sizes. We work with you to identify your specific needs and match them with exceptional individuals who possess the skills you are looking for. We offer staff ranging from entry level to senior levels.

If you are an employer: to find staff, please send your request at

If you are looking for a job: please send your resume at

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