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VBA Fundamentals

Start: TBA       Type: Online / In-class; Evening & Weekends       Duration (hr): 30


This course provides VBA Programming fundamentals, including VBA Sub Procedures, VBA Function Procedures, Excel Objects, and using Macros. VBA is simple but powerful scripting language that will help to analyze data, work with objects and develop automated procedures. 
VBA is a programming tool embedded in each Microsoft Office Application such as Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, and so forth with its own unique object model. It provides ability to create very powerful custom application combining existing Office Application (for Example Excel) with simple but powerful VBA scripting language. Excel’s object model includes several very powerful data analysis objects, such as worksheets, charts, pivot tables, and numerous mathematical, financial, engineering, and general business functions. With VBA, you can work with these objects and develop automated procedures.
Introducing Visual Basic for Applications
The Basics of VBA
Visual Basic Editor, Project Explorer, Code Window, Immediate Window
Macro Recorder
Objects and Collection, Methods and Properties
VBA Programming
Variables, Data Types, and Constants
Declaration, Assignment
Object Variables
User-Defined Data Types
Manipulation Objects and Collections
Controlling Code Execution
Working with VBA Sub Procedures 
Declaring, Executing, Debugging
Passing Arguments to Procedures
Working with VBA Function Procedures 
Sub Procedures versus Function Procedures
Declaring a function and Scope
Function Arguments
Using Windows API
Working with Excel Objects 
Creating and Using UserForm
Working With PivotTables
Working With Charts
Creating and using VBA Objects
Knowledge of Microsoft Excel

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