Information Technology

Visual Basic Programming

Start: TBA       Type: Evening / Weekend Classes       Duration (hr): 78



This course will introduce MS Visual Basic 6.0 programming, how to build a full featured Windows application, create, compile and debug visual user interfaces and components, communicate with back end relational databases, store, modify, access and represent data for Client/Server Systems.

Upon completing this course students will have skills in:
  • Create Windows application quickly and effectively.
  • Using object-oriented programming capabilities simplify design and implementation and streamline information delivery.
  • Exploit the extensive functionality of Visual Basic 6.0.
  • Create data-driven enterprise applications with robust functionality and minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Using Visual Studio to create enterprise-wide business application that tab into new and legacy databases.
Object Oriented Programming
Creating and Using Controls
VB Procedures and Functions
String Functions in VB
Debugging and Handling Errors in VB
The Basics of Working with Objects
Object’s Events. Polymorphism
VB Collections
File processing in VB
MDI Application
Common Dialog Control
Working with Text and Graphics
Interacting with the Environment
Object Models
Data Control
Review of Using Data Base Objects
Using Data Environment
Using Crystal Report
Windows API
COM Objects
ActiveX Controls


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